City Backyard Makeover- Pond and Raised Beds

Outdoor space in the City is a rarity.  When you have it, make the most of it.  That’s what these homeowners did to their spacious (by City standards) backyard.  In just 5 days, we transformed their dirt yard to a beautiful backyard garden with a tranquil pond and fountain.

On the first day, we cleared everything out and built raised beds to frame the yard.  The customers chose to use non-treated lumber so that they could use the beds for vegetables (and to keep costs down).

We then brought in 4 tons of material to fill the beds: a thin layer of gravel for drainage and then loaded them with a mix of soil and compost for a fertile growing base.

The homeowners then decided it would be nice to have a water feature. So we modified the boxes to make room for a pond, installed an outdoor outlet for the filter and pump, built a stone wall to frame the pone, and planted the garden.

We finished it off with sod for a total backyard renovation:

A close up of the pond with water plants (and koi, but they’re camera shy).


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